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Miami 'Joker' Accused of Pointing Loaded Gun at Cars

A Miami man whose green hair and tattoos bear a striking resemblance to the Joker character from 'The Dark Knight' was arrested after police said he was pointing a loaded gun at passing cars.



This is the actual place (freaking Google...)

High Scores Arcade

Official Site for High Scores Arcade, an interactive museum of fully playable classic arcade games! Located in California's East Bay Area.

Having both my parents hospitalized within hours of each other isn't good for my bad heart.
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Tobias 6 days ago
All the best for your parents! and take care of yourself as well!

Morgan McMillian 5 days ago
Yikes! Hope they recover quickly.


Dead and Dying retail

This site focuses on retail store and restaurant chains that closed, ones that are likely to close, ones that have decreased in size drastically, and ones that are in the process of liquidation. New posts are added every Sunday! We also have several location maps and some new ones in the process of being created.

A rare Saturday off meant no plans so I watched the Eurovision. I enjoyed it. Portugal is a worthy winner.
Hypolite Petovan 2 weeks ago
I strongly disagree with you, I think there were few performances that were worse than his.

The new Warm Springs BART station is open. It's within walking distance of Fry's. My bank account will never be the same.
Michael_MD 2 weeks ago
what's a "BART Station"?

Aaron Gibson 2 weeks ago from Socially Aaron (Powered By Friendica)
Bay Area Rapid Transit. Regional Transit system

Interesting, US Soccer isn't using YouTube for the cup.
Michael_MD 2 weeks ago
I don't blame them ... I guess public opinion of that may depend on whether or not what they do choose is open and safe to use

TIL you actually CAN see whose online with Conversations. Why I never knew about the Dynamic Tags setting, never read the manual...

Michael_MD 2 weeks ago
maybe I need to do an update :-)


Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it

And lament that early browsers gave up on web site authoring tools and created monsters
Steve Dowe 2 weeks ago
I read this article recently. One day people may wake up... but it seems a very long slumber of indifference so far.. :/

Sebastian Vettel Gave Felipe Massa The Finger As He Lapped Him
We're used to seeing the Vettel finger, but we saw a different kind in the Russian Grand Prix